Terms of Use

MyKostomers is a mobile app that enables business owners to be found by potential customers and get booked for their services. Business owners who use the app can display their services, price and availability online. Customers who use the app can search for providers of a required service(s) and book as per their choice. Customers use the related features in the app for free while business owners choose either the free plan or the paid plan. By using MyKostomers App or accessing the website you agree to be bound by the following terms of service:

  1. MyKostomers has the right to change the terms here, and users will be notified accordingly
  2. You agree to be bound by all the appliable laws in Nigeria
  3. MyKostomers respects privacy policy and will not disclose user information to third parties unless it is necessary to carry out the requested transactions. MyKostomers will not sell your personal details including, name, address, phone, email address, card details and others provided in the platform without your prior permission.
  4. Unauthorized use of materials infringing on the rights of third parties or offensive to the public are prohibited.
  5. All user information in MyKostomers will be treated confidentially, unless in case of misuse of the internet or justified suspicion. In that case, MyKostomers reserves the right to disclose customer’s personal information to the relevant authorities.
  6. Users are not allowed to carry out any activity that could bring MyKostomers any disrepute or violate the right of any person. The use of MyKostomers for any irresponsible or Fraudulent act is highly prohibited and MyKostomers reserves the right to report to the appropriate authorities.
  7. Users can upgrade, downgrade or terminate their subscription to any of the services offered by MyKostomers, provided this is done before a new subscription period starts.
  8. Users are allowed to enjoy features of the paid plan in MyKostomers only if they have duly paid for it. Otherwise, only the free version of the mobile app could be used. MyKostomers undertakes to send a reminder to users of paid subscription when their subscription is about to expire so that they can consider a renewal.
  9. All data received and stored in MyKostomers App can be used for statistical purpose and for delivering the required app functions without disclosing the source.
  10. Users have access to all the features provided for their chosen account type and subscription. In case of any change in account type or subscription, previous features may no longer be available.
  11. Users of MyKostomers are obliged to fulfil any business agreement reached with another party via the platform, including honouring booked appointments or cancelling, editing or deleting as appropriate. MyKostomers reserves the right to close a user account without notice if the user does not comply to the agreed business terms between parties or misuses the platform.
  12. Business agreements are to be made between the parties who want to engage and manage legitimate business transaction using the app. MyKostomers is not liable for the quality of service rendered by business owners in the platform or the cost of using their service. To reflect the quality of services received, customers can use the review section of the app, or report any fraudulent act.
  13. Payment for services rendered by business owners in the platform is entirely the responsibility of the party who engaged the business owner and agreed with them on some business terms. However, MyKostomers reserves the right to report to the appropriate authorities in any of the parties engages in any act that is defamatory to MyKostomers.
  14. It is entirely the responsibility of the business owner using the platform to decide how much and how to collect money from customers who engaged them via MyKostomers. However, violations of user rights in the platform including those listed above are not permitted.
  15. All rights in the application are owned by MyKostomers. By registering in the platform, the user has obtained right to use the platform. However, MyKostomers reserves the right to withdraw this at any time without notice.
  16. The user has the right to terminate their subscription or stop the use MyKostomers anytime
  17. MyKostomers has the right to send e-mails to the email address provided by the user whenever there is an update to the application or if new features are developed that are deemed to be of genuine benefit to the user.