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Why Choose Us?

MyKostomers is a new, excellent and smart app

Get your business online and increase your visibility
Receive customer appointments online anywhere & anytime
Increase your customer base
Organise and manage your business online

Receive customer bookings anywhere & anytime

No matter your service, you can receive bookings from customers anywhere and anytime. Customers can search and find your services; and book online without any hassle. No more long wait for customers, no more random queueing for your services, no more forgotten or clash of appointments.

Easily setup your availability

You can setup your availability for all services you offer. Customers can choose from the availability you have set up or request a different date which you then approve or decline, no more stress for customers to learn about your availability.

Increase your customer base

With vast majority of customers on our platform you will give your business the much desired online visibility, increase your customer base and easily connect to the right people who need your services.

Efficient Business Documentation

You will agree with us that business documentation is one of the keys to a successful business. MyKostomers App enables detailed documentation of your business activities. You can efficiently manage your customer’s requirements,appointments, price, deposits and negotiations. You can edit, delete and save the record as appropriate.

International Reputation

The services and business owners in the platform are properly moderated. Therefore, be rest assured you are getting the best services and customers via the app.

Set Up a Countdown Time for Service Due Date

When you are engaged by a customer, you can easily set up a countdown timer for your service and get a reminder when the due date to deliver is near. Your customers will equally see this timer and also get a reminder close to due date. This way everyone stays up to date and on track for all your services. No more forgotten due dates.

100% Secured & Trustable

Our servers use the top notch security systems in the world. Your information is private and stored accurately away from third party access.

Excellent Features

MyKostomers has excellent features that enable customers to find your business and book your services online, anytime and anywhere. It’s 100% free for all your customers.

Easily create, and manage all the service you offer and make it public
Set up availability for each of the services you offer
Book appointments for customers
Get booked by customers who discover you online
Receive email and in-app notification when a customer books for your service
Get reminders for scheduled customer appointments
Sort and filter booking records to easily pull out the required record
Set up a countdown timer for due date of your service
Easy capture, and manage all customer requirements
Customers can view your prices and negotiate (if negotiable)


This feature is for business owners in the platform. As a business owner you are to post your services or gigs which customers are to see and book you if they are in need of your service.


Both customers and business owners can book appointments on the platform. To book an appointment, you are to view the service or search for the service you desire to book from the app's homepage. Then you enter your information and submit your booking. The business owner would be notified of your interest.


Customers can rate your services at the end of the transaction and this will be visible on your profile. This is a good way to show testimonials of your existing customers and boost the confidence of prospective customers.

How It Works

For Business Owners

  1. Download & Install MyKostomers App
  2. Register with your email Address
  3. Setup your Business Profile
  4. Wait for Customer Bookings

For Customers

  1. Download & Install MyKostomers App
  2. Register with your email Address
  3. Search for the service you want
  4. Book Appointment

Great User Experience

Be a part of the huge community of customers and business owners ready for service transactions.

Responsive Layout

The layouts on the app makes it easier for you to navigate around the app features.

Plan Packages

MyKostomers App is 100% FREE for all your customers . For business owners there is a FREE and PAID plan depending of the features you need. However we are currently running a promo and so you will enjoy all features of the app FREE for 90 days if you start today. After the promo you can continue to use the basic features of the app for free or upgrade to a paid plan if you require some advanced functionalities.

Email Notifications

For the most part of the activities to be carried out in the app. You would be notified via email or in-app and so you are constantly up to date with your business activities.


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